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hey hey hey hey pennsylvania is wrong

Age: 24
Location: Troy, PA
Expertise: Fearing commitment
Current mood: The current mood of amy_q at www.imood.com

The Nomads' Familiar Quotations
"Like today when I said we can have our lunch on the rocks instead of we can have our rocks on the lunch."

Amy: "Maybe they were in love."
Melissa: "They're both males!"
Amy: "So your fish are gay."

"He called and I was thinking, pizza... pizza..."

Amy: "You're going to find God this weekend."
Patti: "Where?"
Amy: "Search."
Amanda: "You weren't supposed to tell her like that!"
Amy: "I thought I'd just get it over with."

"Amanda, do you question my ability to be really irritating?"

"And it just makes sense, 'cause he has a slingshot."

"What is with the smelling? I hate the smelling!"

"They have me working courtesy. Do you know what you have to do at courtesy? Be nice to stupid people!"

"Ohhh, to be young again."

"It doesn't matter what the real world is like because that's not where she lives."

Patti: "So if I go to the ghetto and ask for a cheese burger, will I get inappropriate substances?"
Amanda: "Hopefully."

"The college bowl... the college bowl... what am I saying? The sugar bowl... the orange bowl!"


"Look, they're shaving the parking lot."

"If you always assume people are dying, you'll live a lad lad... what?"

"Any time I want to twitch I should put on my cold hair and my t-shirt."

"Ooo, look at me, I'm a duck!"

"You know your life is too complicated when there's a dead plant in your dorm room for over a week."

"I couldn't watch my soap operas because the war was on!"

"We could go shopping at Viewmont, that's sort of like New York."

"I did come down here just to talk about naked people."

"Come visit me in the hall of doom. Oops, I mean dining."

"Damn all you second hand smokers!"

"I'm going to Hell. Oh wait, I mean jail."

"No, I seriously have a pain in my ass."

"Don't you hate it when you vacuum your hair, and then you realize after... did I say vacuum?"

"I just hit your boob!"

"It's not like there's a degayifier gun."

"I can't believe I told her that her roommate is a lesbian but she's not!"

"He drove two hours and you played Uno?!?"

"Okay, big wang, it's worth half a point."
Wednesday. 1.14.09 6:00 pm
I think I'm depressed.

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he's meaner than he looks
Sunday. 6.1.08 9:34 pm

but that's what you get for messing up people's gardens.

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listen all of y'all it's a sabotage
Saturday. 5.31.08 10:21 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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I've got sunshine
Friday. 5.30.08 1:24 pm
So I have this massive collection of sunscreens, and I know that if I don't protect my skin snow, I'll have wrinkles and spots and skin cancer later... yet in spite of all this I still want to skip the sunscreen and go out and tan.

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Wednesday. 5.28.08 12:13 pm
My neighbors have this dog that barks constantly and it's driving me crazy. It wakes me up at like 6:00 every morning and it doesn't stop barking all day. It doesn't even bark at anything in particular, it just sits there and barks into the empty air. Damn dog.

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bad hair day
Monday. 5.26.08 12:47 pm
Sometimes I seriously just want to shave my head.

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